Did you know that the Blue River travels 42 miles, across two states, five counties
and 21 municipalities? It flows from Johnson County Kansas, through Kansas City Metro Area
where it confluences with the Missouri River in eastern Jackson County. This beautiful natural resource is threatened by pollution, lack of access and unsustainable development.


People all over the region are working to revitalize and clean up the Blue River. Together we will restore habitat, protect land and water and help more people access and experience the benefits of the Blue River. Together we will RENEW THE BLUE.

2021 Goal

2021 Goal

2021 Goal

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The Renew the Blue partners are taking precautions to keep volunteers and event attendees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find our policies for events, invasive species removal, native plantings and tabling here.

Renew the Blue

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     Jill Erickson, Ambassador

     Blue River Urban Waters Federal Partnership

     Phone: 816-349-9201
     Email: info@heartlandconservationalliance.org


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