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The Blue River Story Project

Tell YOUR story.

The Blue River is such an important part of our city and touches so many lives. It flows more than 40 miles through rural, suburban and industrial areas. It passes parks, forests and wetlands. We want to celebrate the good work, memories and experiences of the lives touched by the Blue River and its tributaries. 

Did you know that YOUR story about the Blue River will protect and preserve natural resources for future generations? In 2021 we asked you to tell us the ways you interact with the Blue River and to share what the river means to you. 



These stories pick up where we left off with the Midwest Regional Emmy award-winning Blue River Documentary. These and many others will keep the river safe and inspire more people to discover their own Blue River stories. 


Heartland Conservation Alliance's Partnership Summit

In October 2021, The Blue River Story Project was featured at Heartland Conservation Alliance's 8th Annual Partnership Summit. HCA hosts this celebration each year because community conservation work is a long-term process and we want successes, big and small. 

The storytelling showcase demonstrates the importance of connection and partnerships, brought together by the Blue River. 

Discover More Blue River Stories

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