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Renew the Blue Partners

Our Blue River is a regional asset with great potential, but it is currently underused. Renew the Blue celebrates and spotlights organizations who are increasing understanding, use and stewardship of the Blue River.

Renew the Blue brings together the work of community

organizations and government agencies that have invested in flood control, urban agriculture, river cleanup events, park and trail development, and brownfields restoration efforts.

Partners’ shared objectives include improving water quality, protecting and restoring forests, wetlands and wildlife habitat; improving access to the river and promoting positive outdoor experiences; sharing the river’s history; quantifying its ecosystem value; and promoting sustainable economic development. 


In order to increase awareness and appreciation, a broad range of people and organizations must be engaged,   educated and inspired. Renew the Blue helps people understand how amazing the river is to our community and ways they can connect to their urban waters.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. 


The Girl Scouts

Heartland Conservation Alliance and Build Trybe members led a honeysuckle removal for a local Girl Scout troop at Alex George Wetland. The Build Trybe members led small groups in how to identify, remove, and treat the invasive bush honeysuckle in the area. This invasive species threatens native habitat and trails.


The Little Blue Watershed Coalition

Project Blue River Rescue is the largest one day cleanup organized by Stream Team #175 and The Little Blue River Watershed Coalition. 2021 marked “31derful years” of the cleanup. It was a successful day! The teams collected 1,200 bags of trash, and 242 tires with a total of 350 attendees!


Blue Valley Neighborhood Association

In 2019 we hosted the Blue Valley Fall Fun & Workday with Blue Valley Neighborhood Association to celebrate the restoration work in the park with a community picnic, crafts, and games. Fifteen volunteers removed honeysuckle and collected trash in the park. 

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