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Restoration in the Blue River Watershed

A  watershed is a drainage basin. Think of it as a sink in your kitchen or bathroom. The boundaries of a watershed are the highest points around the drain. The drain is where all of the water flows into. These are our rivers and streams. You can learn more about watersheds in our areas here and across the US here.


The Blue River Watershed is unhealthy because much of the land has been altered from a natural area to areas with house, streets, and sewers. These are impervious surfaces that don't allow rain water to soak into the ground. Instead it runs into the river and carries all of the trash, pollutants and dirt with it. When we disturb natural areas, plants that are not native to this area can spread and take over. They can choke out the plants that wildlife need for food and homes. Native plants do a better job of filtering pollution. When our watersheds lose natural ares, this harms both wildlife and people.


We can help the rivers be healthier by restoring land to a more natural state.  Renew the Blue partners measure the success of our restoration by the number of acres invasive species removed, trees planted and native plants planted. 








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Are you working on projects that have a positive impact on the Blue River Watershed and are not yet a partner? Become a partner today!  Contact us at

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